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Our Activities

We love to encourage passion for personal interests, so at Cherry Avenue Middle School, we have a hefty collection of activities for your child to join. We offer the opportunity to run for student council two times per year, or try out for the school musical in the spring. We also have one of the finest band programs in the central valley, led by Ms Robyn Cromwell, for any interested sixth, seventh, or eighth grader. Our auxiliary team is also under the direction of Ms Cromwell. Hear our band in concerts and parades, see our auxiliary and drum lines compete, and come watch our school musical. You will be amazed with our kids!

AVID is a college readiness program offered to seventh and eighth graders. We also have a Leadership and Yearbook class in which students are selected through an interview process in the spring. We also offer Study Skills for students who may need extra support with their academic needs.

Another elective is Wood Shop where Mr. Joe Rocha teaches his students how to measure, cut, design, construct, sand, paint, and create! One of the favorite parts of this class is the Derby car races, in which students design, cut, sand, paint, and races their cars against their peers. Another outstanding elective taught by Mr. Rocha is our one of a kind Small Engine class, where students learn to tear down and build all of the components of four stroke engines. 

We also have school dances in August, October, December, February, and March. Take a look at the calendar for details!