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Our Staff

The foundation of Cherry Avenue Middle School is our faculty and staff. We understand the importance of the school experience to every student and our role as educators and models. We aim to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of our ability:
  • Teach grade level skills and concepts
  • Strive to address the individual needs of your child
  • Communicate with you regarding your child’s progress
  • Provide a safe, positive, and healthy learning environment for your child
  • Communicate homework and classwork expectations
We are confident that we have the best educators in California working at Cherry Avenue Middle School, and they look forward to working with you and your child.

Greg Anderson
Kinelle Rodriguez
Vice Principal
(559) 685-7323

Office Staff
Johanna Hinojos
School Secretary
(559) 685-7320
Deanne Cardoza
School Nurse
(559) 685-7320
Shannon Harrow
(559) 685-7320
Frances Greer
Health Aide
Michelle Bustos

Gina Esteves
Part Time Secretary
(559) 685-7320
6th Grade
Nolan Caudle
6th Grade

6th Grade- Language Arts and
Social Studies
(559) 685-7320
6th Grade
(559) 685-7320



7th & 8th Grade
Physical Education
7th Grade Language Arts & 7th Grade AVID
(559) 685-7320
Krim Caetano
7th Grade Science
Angella Chamalbide
7th/8th Grade Social Studies
8th Grade Language Arts
Mr. Gabe Hinojos
Physical Education
7th/8th Grade Math
Mrs. Catherine Mitchell
7th Grade Language Arts
(559) 685-7320
7th/8th Grade Social Studies
(559) 685-7320
Mr. Jeff Parish
8th Grade Science
(559) 685-7320
Ashley Parks
7th/8th Grade Science
8th Grade Math and 8th Grade AVID
7th Grade Math and Social Studies
(559) 685-7320
8th Grade Industrial Tech
(559) 685-7320
Mrs. Stacy Trapletti
7th Grade Honors/Reg Math
7th/8th Grade Academic Support 
(559) 685-7320
Ricardo Zavaleta
7th/8th Grade Art




Support Staff

RTI Teacher
(559) 685-7320
Denise Cors
Occupational Therapist


6--8th Grade RSP
7/8 Advanced Band/Int Band,
Jazz Band, Orchestra,
6th Band
(559) 685-7327
Music Show Profile
6--8th Grade RSP
Vocal Music
Speech Therapist
School Psychologist
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