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 A Word From the Principal
First of all, I would like to welcome everyone back to school! We made it through the street construction and avoided too many hassles. I am impressed with Bill Nelson Construction for making it possible for us to start school while being able to access the parking lot. They were out working in the twenty-nine consecutive days of 100+ degree heat all summer long in order to make that happen. Thank you guys! 
As far as classes, cafeteria, breaks, and having almost 500 students gather every day, it has been pretty smooth. We appreciate your patience with schedule changes, our students' cooperation with teachers and with one another, and with all of the potential confusion that can occur in a new school year! Thank you all! 
We thank you for trusting your most valuable and loved people-your kids- to be with us every day. We want to help make their middle school years full of learning, positive memories, and fun! I encourage you to contact your teachers and / or the administration if we can be of help in any way.
May this year be great for all of us!
Mr. Anderson